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In an economy where the companies are more and more customer oriented, the role of the Customer Service Manager has became a main roll in them. But which are the tasks of the Customer Service Manager?

The general purpose of this role is planning, coordinating and controlling the activities of the customer service team to maintain and enhance customer relationships and meet organizational and operational objectives.

A customer service manager may be expected to liaise with a sales team for customer feedback, deal with complaints, communicate new products, and service improvement.
The Main Jobs Tasks and Responsibilities will be:

  • Develop and Implement customer service policies and procedures
  • Define and communicate customer service standards
  • Review and asses customer service contracts
  • Oversee the achievement and maintenance of agreed service and customer service levels and standards.
  • Direct the daily operations of the customer service team
  • Plan, Prioritize and delegate work tasks to ensure proper functioning of the department
  • Ensure the necessary resources and tools are available for quality customer service delivery
  • Review Customer complaints
  • Track Customer complaint resolutions
  • Handle complex and escalated customer service issues
  • Monitor accuracy of reporting and data base information
  • Analyze relevant data to determine customer service outputs
  • Identify and implement strategies to improve quality of service, productivity and profitability
  • Liaise with company management to support and implement growth strategies
  • Co-Ordinate and manage customers service projects and initiatives
  • Ensure budgets requirement are met
  • Evaluate and performance manage staff
  • Identify and address staff training and coaching needs


A Customer Service Manager should have the following skill sets: negotiation, persuasion, supervisory, active listening, speaking, reading comprehension, critical thinking, analytical thinking, performance monitoring, time management, management of personnel, resources, judgement and decision making, project management, mathematics, presentation, operations analysis, conflict management and resolution, teambuilding and social awareness.


The following abilities are important to the role of Customer Service Manager: oral expression and comprehension, speech clarity and recognition, written expression and comprehension, inductive and deductive reasoning, problem sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and empathy.

Work Values

Individuals who will succeed in this position:
  • Empower employees to work collaboratively internally and externally, but also independently, with the ability to make decisions.
  • Embrace opportunities for increasing responsibilities and good working conditions that are health and safety conscious.
  • Offer support
  • Empower employees to provide service to others and work with co-workers in a friendly environment
  • Demonstrate and advocate integrity and ethical behaviour
  • Are results/goals oriented (though collaboration with staff and relevants stakeholders )
  • Are customers focused; and
  • Demonstrate respect for customers, stakeholders and co-workers


Attitudes of a Customer Service Manager include a strong commitment to leadership and management. A Customer Service Manager should have excellent interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, and conflict resolution skills. Furthermore, excellent planning and organizational abilities are required. Flexibility and exhibited awareness of, and sensitivity to other cultures are considered important as a Customer Service Manager works with diverse groups, individuals and interests.


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